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How to draw Princess Bubblegum

How to draw Princess Bubblegum chibi ! Design: Funko Pop ! Princess Bonnibel “Bonnie” Bubblegum is an Adventure Time character. She made her first appearance in the very first animated short film released in 2007. Princess BubbleGum is a humanoid bubblegum, and kindly directs the Kingdom of Confectionery where many characters are made of desserts and sweets. She is the main target of the Ice King.

How to draw Princess Chewing Gum: the character

Princess BubbleGum is a main character and the most recurrent princess of the Adventure Time series. She is a scientist, an inventor and the leader of the Kingdom of Sweets. According to the events of “Princess Day”, during her first reign on the kingdom, she was considered a registered princess. In “The Dark Cloud” she regained her princess status towards the end, as seen in the song “Everything Stays”. As revealed in “Elemental”, she is the current Elemental Candy. Learn how to draw Princess BubbleGum chibi.

Its age appearance may change with a loss of candy biomass: it takes on a 13-year appearance due to the “Mortal Recoil” events, but returns to age 18 due to the acquisition of new biomass in “Too Young”. However, she also states in “Goliad” that she knows she will not live forever, implying that although her life is long, she is limited.

Princess BubbleGum has a very different personality from other Adventure Time characters. She loves most of her subjects and is known to defend them tirelessly when problems happen. In “Princess Cookie”, her dedication to her Kingdom is demonstrated when she visits a candy orphanage and spends time boosting people’s spirits by asking them questions about their future. She also likes the kindness of puppies and other animals. Learn how to draw Princess BubbleGum chibi with this new video.

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